"We own almost all our knowledge not to those who have agreed but to those who have differed."

Charles Caleb Colton

The dawn of a new era

The ultimate goal of my work, of which is a part, is to cure aging. In this website, I have two main objectives: 1) to highlight the importance of research on aging; 2) to offer an overview of current research on aging and longevity that is accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of science. As such, is divided into two main sections. First, there is a section for visitors, whose main goal is to put forth and demonstrate the importance of research on the basic biology of aging. Then there is a more technical section dealing with the biology of aging, which combines essays ranging from general observations and concepts in the field with more detailed discussions of theories and hypotheses of aging. In addition to these two sections, there is also a section regarding a more global view of research on aging and its impact on society. I hope my website, started in 1997, can enlighten visitors from different backgrounds about this mysterious process called aging and why research on aging must be a top priority for society.

I have been studying aging for over 10 years and I am currently a principal investigator at the University of Liverpool in the UK. You can find more information about me and my work in my personal website and in my lab's website, respectively.

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A Vision for is an introduction to the problematic of aging that explains why I decided to dedicate my life to the study of aging.

Author Information; for more about me.

Integrative Genomics of Ageing Group; describes our lab's work.

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